What to pay attention to in summer solid wood flooring

If the direct sunlight in summer is directly on the floor, it will easily cause the deformation of the solid wood floor. Prolonged exposure may even cause the floor to bulge and crack. Long-term direct exposure to ultraviolet rays will also cause the color of the floor surface to fade. Solid wood flooring is expensive, and if it causes economic loss due to deformation, it is also very unattractive, and it is also very inconvenient to walk on such a floor.

Summer is the season when the floor needs special care and attention. In order to make the floor in the home long-lasting and beautiful, the floor maintenance should not be neglected in summer. The maintenance of the floor must be both holistic and “teaching according to the aptitude”. This article will first explain how the floor needs to be maintained from the whole; then, according to the type of wood, the characteristics and maintenance methods of various types of floor will be described in detail.

Routine maintenance of solid wood floors
1.Sun protection

Exposure will reduce the water content inside the wood, which will cause cracks and distortions. The paint on the outer layer of the floor will also be damaged by ultraviolet rays. In summer, try to keep the floor where the sun is exposed with curtains.


All water stains on the floor must be cleaned in time. When the solid wood floor is soaked in water, do not expose it to the sun or dry it by other heating methods, which will cause cracking and deformation. Wipe the water stains. If too many water stains cannot be removed in time, you can open the windows and doors to ventilate and let the floor dry naturally. Try not to mop the mop too much or use a vacuum cleaner when mopping the floor.

  1. Prevent heat source

Even if the floor is warmed, do not place heated objects such as pressure cookers on it. Overheating will cause irreversible changes in the wood fiber inside the floor, which cannot be remedied by other means.

4.Stain treatment

Oil stains can be wiped with a rag dipped in warm water and detergent; if it is a drug, drink or pigment, it needs to be treated immediately because these stains dry very quickly in the summer, first dry with a dry rag and then use a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax Wipe; burnt marks on cigarette butts can be wiped with a soft cloth soaked with furniture wax; ink stains should be wiped with a soft cloth soaked in time, if it is not effective, you can wipe with a steel ball dipped in furniture wax; Wipe with a petrol rag.

The above four methods introduce the maintenance methods of solid wood floors in general, but due to the characteristics of the wood, targeted maintenance will be more effective (three-layer three-ply solid wood floor can be maintained according to the surface panel)

Common wood floor maintenance

Panlongan solid wood flooring is relatively soft, and it is more afraid of drying than ordinary flooring, especially in summer, it is not suitable for use in places with large temperature differences. Because the wood is slightly soft, try to avoid dragging heavy objects on it to avoid damage.


Oak is used more in European style. Like Panlong, oak is also soft wood in the floor, but it has excellent toughness and can be slightly bent. Oak itself likes to be wet. Compared with ordinary wood, oak has higher requirements on humidity. It should not be too dry. It is most suitable to keep the relative humidity at about 55% -70%. It is also necessary to avoid heavy drag.


Insect resistance and corrosion resistance are the biggest features of teak. Teak is expensive but not spoiled. When performing maintenance, you only need to perform the routine maintenance mentioned above. However, teak should be waxed at intervals to ensure its beauty.

Ancient tree
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  1. Ash

When mentioning ash, it is easy to recall that the dryness is poor, and the ash floor is more afraid of sunlight. Because of its poor dryness, the ash is slightly delicate. Avoid over-drying and over-humidity. The humidity should be controlled at 40% -50%. The room only needs to be normal and bright, not direct sunlight, and soak in water.


Elm is strong and tough, but relatively low in density, and is more susceptible to galls. Elm is divided into old elm and new elm. Old elm is easier to deform and new elm will shrink. The best maintenance method is to maintain the temperature between 20-30 degrees in the room and the most suitable humidity is 40% -50%. .

Untreated wood
6, locust

Sophora spp. Is not easy to aging and insect-proof, but it is relatively afraid of moisture. When cleaning it daily, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents mixed with water to carry out sweeping.

7.Black walnut

Black walnut belongs to one of the precious woods. Its advantages are moderately soft and hard, and it is not easy to deform when it shrinks and swells, and its pattern is beautiful and bright. It is best to wipe with warm tea water during maintenance, it will make the color of black walnut floor more vivid. Black walnuts are weak against bending, so they should not be stressed.

If you want a beautiful, long-lasting wooden floor, maintain it quickly!

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