Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

Furniture refers to the basic category of equipment and facilities essential for human beings to maintain normal life, engage in production practices and carry out social activities. Furniture also followthe footsteps of the times continue to develop and innovate, to today’s a wide range of categories, different materials, variety, different uses. It is an important foundation for building working and living space. Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance form and function, in which function is the guide, is the driving force to promote the development of furniture; These four factors are related to each other and restrict each other.

Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

Because furniture is designed and made to meet people’s material needs and use purposes, furniture also has material and appearance forms.
Furniture refers to wardrobes, tables, beds, sofas and other large items.
Furniture is not only a material product, but also an artistic creation, which is often said to be the dual characteristics of furniture. The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of furniture, as well as the possession of the time, also reflect the social way of life of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of social material civilization and historical and cultural characteristics. Furniture is a sign of the level of social productivity development in a certain period of history, a microcosm of a certain way of life, a manifestation of a certain cultural form, so furniture condenses a rich and profound social.

Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

Wood furniture: Keep away from heat sources and air conditioning air vents, and most branded sofas are treated with moisture content first when handling wood. Professionals, many furniture in the force part of the use of solid wood, the rest of the use of high-density plate, but also to prevent seasonal hot swelling and cold contraction.

Even if the humidity is relatively high in summer, the wood will only expand slightly, and these natural changes do not affect the durability of quality furniture. However, no matter how durable, furniture has a service life, in order to maximize the life of the use, to learn to care for them.

Experts recommend that to keep furniture away from heat sources or air conditioning, solid wood drawers and pulldoors can be difficult to open and close due to over-expansion, and wax or paraffin can be applied to drawers, door edges, and bottom slides.

Fabric sofa: prevent dust from being left in the fiber; in summer, due to the hot sun, huge temperature changes, smoke and pet damage and other factors will make the original dry and comfortable cloth sofa increasingly tight, fading, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove dust from the sofa, so as to prevent dust or stains left in the fiber for a long time. Leather sofa: hard to wipe the leather surface with a rag, summer more attention should pay attention to the maintenance of leather sofa, if the long-term maintenance is not appropriate, will lead to its fading, old, lost luster, so that the leather lack of ductility and make the sofa deformation. For accidentally stained oil on the sofa, with cotton cloth with the appropriate concentration of soapwater or ammonia and alcohol mixture (ammonia 1 serving, alcohol 2 parts, water 2 parts) will be removed from the oil, and finally with clean water wipe clean, to clean cotton cloth dry. If you often pat the leather sofa on the seating area and its edges, you can extend the life of the sofa by 3 to 5 years.

Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

This allows the skin to maintain its flexibility well. Rattan furniture: cleaning “from a small start”, because of the rattan furniture porous, and spring all kinds of insect breeding rampant, so to regular cleaning, washing to be “no holes.” One is to see if the paint has come off everywhere, such as none, can use wickers and other cutting tips to remove the “hole” in the slugs, and then with a toothbrush with soapy water or vegetable oil light brush holes can be.

If the paint falls off, it needs to be added on the basis of cleaning. Synthetic leather: heavy humidity avoids high temperature, and due to the different properties of synthetic leather and wood, cotton linen fabric, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, bright light, acid solution, alkali solution has an effect on it. A line insider said, maintenance should pay attention to two aspects: the first thing to avoid placing in the high temperature place, because this will make synthetic leather appearance change, mutual adhesion, wipe do not use a wet towel or wet cloth, but to use dry cloth;

Low humidity is prone to cracking and hardening. The maintenance of plastic board furniture; It was originally a solid wood-to-wood board, but it was widely used because the Union Trade Union manufactured more sophisticated work. However, it is different from the usual three splints.

Because Taiwan’s more advanced furniture brands or imported furniture are also based on logs and plastic board as furniture materials, so the maintenance of plastic board furniture is also to be particularly careful.

Since the plastic plate is quite easy to assemble, you have to ask the door market for attention when you buy, so that once it is loose, you can re-assemble itself.

Various categories of furniture maintenance tips that can help you

If the kickboard of plastic plate furniture is a sealed design, then you can put some dry agent and deworming agent in the head before assembly, to keep it dry and clean.

Dirt on the plastic plate can be removed with beer, and then wipe with a rag with water, you can always keep the light as new.

If there is a small scratch on the plate, you can use a crayon with similar color to the plate to make scratches, and then colorless wax can be added. Plastic plate snare swashes are sealed to prevent moisture penetration and protect the life of furniture.

And once found to have a fall off the phenomenon, you can quickly with the iron pad on the soft cloth on its back and forth heating, so that it is restored to its original condition.

Plastic plate furniture drawers are mostly rail-type, usually just use candles on the pulley smudge smudge smudge smudge, to maintain the smooth sliding.
As for the usual cleaning, to the home usually used detergent to wipe on it, the only thing to pay attention to is not to use volatile oil smear.

Metal glass. Although many furniture metal components are made of stainless steel, do not wipe with water, as some minerals in the water can easily react with the metal, causing corrosion. In addition, the glass sheet should be strictly protected from scratches, so it is best to put things on top of the soft cloth pad or foam and so on. Special glass water should be used for cleaning.