Ten stylish dining tables to match your cosy restaurant!

Ten stylish dining tables to match your cosy restaurant!

Choose a set of stylish dining table chairs, create a warm home atmosphere, the family dining table is the most important furniture in the restaurant, is the importance of a family gathering to eat, maintain the role of family feelings, health and luck. Home is the heart of the harbor, after the end of work home, with loved ones around the table to eat a warm home-cooked meal, than any mountain treasure seafood is precious. Well, a good table is particularly important, today small editor for you to introduce a few fashion table chairs, I hope you can like.

Ten stylish dining tables to match your cosy restaurant!

1.Home modern fashion tables

Tempered glass countertop design, strong impact and thermal stability, strong safety, clean and convenient, table frame and table legs are using solid wood design, solid structure, load-bearing ability, side solid wood decorative line design, so that fashion and texture coexist. The overall clean as the original appearance, fashion style, but also your home new vision, to add a dynamic atmosphere to the restaurant.

2.Small solid wood dining table and chairs

Small family table and chair combined, table unfolded for 6 people west table, folded up is a mini square table, make full use of space. Choose high-quality solid wood, fine polishing, solid and solid, flat and smooth tabletop, not easy to rub out scratches, practical. Choose from three colors to suit your range of home styles.
Create a Korean-style pastoral furniture, so that you feel like into the idyllic dream, slowly enjoy the Korean idyllic beauty.

3.Nordic solid wood table and chair combination

All made of rubber wood solid wood, the original wood, pure natural, environmental protection, simple fashion, light nature. The back-to-back arc of the dining chair is full and comfortable and soft, making life more convenient and comfortable. With cotton and linen environmentally friendly fabrics, comfortable and warm, return to the truth. The whole living room is filled with a quiet and beautiful atmosphere, life, should be so free.

4.Mediterranean solid wood table and chair combination

Made of solid wood, hard and sturdy, discarding the cumbersome and luxurious decoration, fully shows the natural rustic rustic style. Simple lines sketch out a magnificent shape, with noble ivory color, comfortable touch, wear durable. Round corner design for the safety of the family. Choose from a variety of styles and move at will!

5.Nordic White Oak Solid Wood Scale Table

Nordic minimalist table, the United States imported white oak, safe and stable, elegant color, beautiful texture, fresh and natural, people can not help but want to get close. Retractable dining table, full of space savings, so that life full of unlimited possibilities! Home from work, the family of their happy meal, so that the meal becomes a kind of enjoyment, so that you love to let go!

Ten stylish dining tables to match your cosy restaurant!

6.Tempered glass table and chair combination

Choose high-quality imported birch, easy to process, smooth cut surface, wear-resistant anti-scratch, anti-worm anti-corrosion, natural environmental protection and healthier. Solid design, with tempered glass tabletop, stable and no lack of show, in line with the modern pursuit of beauty and health of the concept of life. Delicate and delicate fillets, avoid bumps and bumps in life, care for the health of the family!

7.Simple, retractable small dining table and chair combination

Stylish and beautiful table, good gloss, solid, strong, strong pressure resistance, simple structure, no too much cumbersome decoration, more in line with the modern aesthetic concept. Can shrink to reach, to meet the needs of space life. Daily few people eat or not eat, can shrink the second square table, save space, friends and relatives when guest dinner, can stretch the second to become a large round table, no longer worry about friends can not afford to sit down and embarrassed, can also be comfortable with their families to eat together, enjoy a comfortable happy time!

8.Nordic solid wood table and chair combination

The table stand features high-quality rubber wood and a sturdy texture that makes the dining table stable on any floor. The arc of the backrest follows the ergonomic design, conforms to the back arc, perfectly fits the hips and back, relieves fatigue, and is comfortable and natural. You can also match a variety of dining chairs to suit your many needs.

9.Modern minimalist retractable dining table

Retractable design, can automatically adjust the gear, save space, practical. Solid wood to create a solid solid table foot, the bottom has glue nail protection, moisture protection, to prevent the movement of the ground, even if the floor, not afraid of water, practical and beautiful. Ergonomic design comfortable seats, according to the design of their own random placement, comfortable back, hard and soft moderate, sitting very comfortable. Choose from two styles for your comfortable life!

10.Modern minimalist solid wood dining table and chair

The use of environmental protection high-quality solid wood, feel the life of logs, bright color matching, unique personality design, is the fashion trend of modern urban life. Matted glass, like a mirror, is clean and beautiful, stylish atmosphere. Ikea, how you want to ride! Colorful life, farewell to the prosperity and hustle, so that the color to create eternal fashion home!

Do you like the matching of these ten stylish dining tables and dining chairs? I think they’re all great, but I prefer the black dining chairs, which has the style of a modern dining chairs. Welcome to leave a message in the comments section!