Teach you how to put the sofa and wardrobe in the right way

Teach you how to put the sofa and wardrobe in the right way

Whether it is a large-sized house or a small-sized house, sofas and wardrobes are one of the essential homes in home life. Every household has a personality and practicality to decorate their own. I will teach you a few tips today, how should the wardrobe and sofa be “installed”!

Teach you how to put the sofa and wardrobe in the right way

1.Young couple’s wardrobe

The clothing of young couples is more diverse, so the left and right sides are generally set as the storage space for men and women.

2.Old man’s wardrobe

Older parents have more clothes stacked, so you can consider making more layers and drawers when designing. Due to the physical condition, the drawers in the closet should not be placed at the bottom.

3.Children’s wardrobe

Children’s wardrobes should take into account the changing factors within 5 to 10 years. Also, do not design accessories such as drawers that can be pulled out at the height of the child’s head to avoid accidents.

If you want to leave a position in the closet for the bag and the safe, you can follow the above instructions.

1 If the partition is set narrower, it will be easier to take the quilt or clothing.

2 Seasonal clothing can be placed in a relatively high position, clothing for men, women and children is sorted by season.

3 pieces of clothing can be used in the storage box, which is beneficial to the maintenance of clothing, and the object is more intuitive and convenient.

Sofa articles——Sofa with a combination

The one-to-one combination can easily cope with the small-sized living room of about 15 square meters. The main character supporting the singer and the singer and the opponent play, in addition to the full-scale purchase of the rules, the different character models will make the living room more colorful.

1, corner sofa + round single sofa

The development of the corner sofa and the single sofa on one side echoed each other, greatly improving the hospitality index of the living room.

2, a word sofa + high back armchair

The distinctive high-back sofa brings freshness and vitality to the living room, breaking the stereotype of the one-of-a-kind sofa.

3, arc sofa + armchair

The arc sofa has more than one component but the sense of presence is not strong. The addition of the armchair eases the frivolity of the sofa and adds a stylish and modern atmosphere to the living room.

4, corner sofa + single design sofa

In order to make the sofa without personality not in mediocrity, a very sexy sofa can save the whole living room. Irregular shape, strong color contrast, and the living room is full of features.

5, sofa + classic armchair

Putting the sofa in the center of the living room, taking on the task of an open and empty partition, with a single chair is no longer a patent for a small living room, any classic armchair can make your home full of classic charm.

Teach you how to put the sofa and wardrobe in the right way

6, geometric pattern fabric sofa + single armchair

The geometrically patterned fabric sofa matches the simple chair, bringing a noisy mix of beauty!

Sofa combination with two

How to avoid the cold and empty space of the big living room is also a difficult problem. The large living room of 30 square meters + will inevitably require multiple members to fill. How can we make this family harmonious and full of layers?

1, a variety of styles to play mix and match

2, freestyle group sofa

3, U-shaped large array of sofa combination

4, a sofa layout divided into two

Sofa combination with three

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