Portable dining chair – let your mother free his hands!

Portable dining chair - let your mother free his hands!

Baby grows up day by day, although I still can’t eat, but every time I go to dinner, I have already refused to play on my side. I said that I have to participate in it. When I get to the table, I will be small and twisted. Twisted, the little hand slammed the table, and the excitement was not so interesting.

When I was not quite able to sit at the beginning, I took him in my arms. My father spit me too much to condone my baby and develop bad habits. After careful consideration, I feel that I must choose a suitable dining chairs for my baby. After consulting the sisters, and considering the needs of their own baby, I chose a stylish dining chairs for the baby – “Meishi Baojia” portable dining chairs.

Portable dining chair - let your mother free his hands!

This modern dining chairs, although it looks simple, is very connotative. The combination of blue and white colors is very attractive at first glance. My favorite is the design of the seat. The baby sits in and fits his little butt, and the material at the bottom is very soft. I want to give it a try, hahaha. With a non-slip design, there is also a three-point seat belt, double protection, no need to worry about the safety of your baby. This dining chairs only needs to be tied to the seat in the house. The operation is simple. The back and bottom of the dining chairs have double safety belts for fixing, and the bottom is wrapped with a full circle of anti-slip rings, no matter how the baby is. The dining chairs is also stable. Whether it’s eating at the table or playing on the ground, you can do exactly where you need to put it.

Such a stylish dining chairs is a must-have for visiting relatives and friends, not only does not occupy the place, but also very light, no burden at all. Mom, I can finally liberate my hands, comfortably and surely enjoy every meal! ~