News events:Feedback from the owner

News events:Feedback from the owner

Hot weather, in addition to to cool themselves, but also for the furniture to cool down oh.

Leather sofa The owner said, “Recently the home of the leather sofa can not sit and sit down always feel the sofa sticky a bit of moisture is also easy to stick to the skin.”

News events:Feedback from the owner

Summer Hot leather furniture to the air conditioning straight blowing will lead to cortical fading, loss of luster serious or cracking off the skin in addition to summer, the human body is prone to sweating sitting on the leather furniture sweat will seep into the gap in the dermis if not often cleaned will appear odor, leather color dimming and so on. It is recommended that leather furniture be cleaned regularly using dedicated cleaning products and care products. You can also use shower gel wipe wipe when it is best to find sponge circle so it is easier to absorb dust. Usually to ensure that indoor ventilation is too dry or humid will accelerate the aging of leather. Wipe with a damp dry rag. Wipe the leather sofa as far as possible to choose neutral detergent.

In addition, for the leather furniture for summer maintenance when the leather furniture in the air-conditioned room to keep dry in order to avoid rainy summer, wet ground so that the bottom of the sofa moldy.

Fabric Sofa

The owner said, “The fabric sofa at home has not been bought for two years, and it looks dirty.”

Fabric furniture is easier to “get old” because of the material, so when we “take it home”, we should spray it with a protective agent. This can delay its “aging”. Fabric furniture is best placed in a place where you can avoid sunlight or block the sun with a screen curtain at noon. Dust on the sofa should often be removed with a vacuum cleaner or brush.

News events:Feedback from the owner

In wet weather, it is best to use a sofa pad with good or waterproof water absorption and wash it frequently.

Solid wood Furniture The owner said, “The surface of several wooden furniture in the house has been painted off and there are cracks in the furniture.” Didn’t it say solid wood furniture was strong? It’s not three winters and two summers that’s it.

” Solid wood furniture for a long time by direct sunlight easy to appear paint shedding phenomenon. Due to the small dry air humidity in the north requires that the moisture content of furniture wood should be controlled at 8%-12%.

Summer high temperature itself wood drying coupled with indoor use of air conditioning will accelerate the loss of wood moisture may lead to solid wood furniture surface cracking or even deformation.

If the home solid wood furniture placed in the sun or moisture heavy place remember to use curtains to block furniture put some bamboo charcoal bag beside the furniture do not dry clothes in the furniture or light ventilated place to put some desiccant to regularly open air conditioning dehumidification function.

Rattan Chair Bamboo Products The owner said, “Recently, a number of hot weather I put on the balcony of the rattan lounge chairs are almost dry now there is a chair sitting up creaking.” The chairs can’t stand the hot weather.

” Rattan furniture natural, simple, cool so in recent years rattan furniture is loved by consumers. But too high temperature will affect the service life of rattan furniture for a long time direct sunlight for a long time exposure will make brown red shiny red rattan furniture local faded bamboo vines dry, loose and removed.

News events:Feedback from the owner

If it is in the courtyard to place rattan furniture pay attention to sunscreen, but also pay attention to anti-insect worm moth will also affect the service life of rattan furniture. Rattan furniture After a period of time can be used to wipe light salt water, which can not only decontamination but also make its flexibility lasting and a certain anti-moth effect. When cleaning daily, just use a clean and soft rag to wipe the furniture surface to keep clean.

Summer can be in the morning and evening outdoor use of rattan furniture placed in a ventilated dry place to prevent mold on its surface. Experiments show that the temperature is about 25 ℃ and the relative humidity of air is 70% when mold is the most susceptible to growth and reproduction. Therefore, always open the window to maintain indoor air circulation. In addition, we can also use humidification equipment or in the room to let the temperature and humidity in the room to maintain in a comfortable state for people to reduce the heat, but also to the furniture to relieve the heat. …