Maintenance of wooden dining chairs and plastic dining chairs? These are great!

Maintenance of wooden dining chairs and plastic dining chairs? These are great!

Maintenance of wooden dining chairs?

If it is scratched, the colored wood can be used to make a complementary color with the dye at the scratch. After the dye is dried, the upper layer of the bright wax is evenly distributed.

Maintenance of wooden dining chairs and plastic dining chairs? These are great!

The color of the wooden dining chair is destroyed by the soup or other things. The dirt can be cleaned with a hot rag and then repaired with dye as appropriate. The part of the cortex should first be cleaned with a rag and then supplemented with a special dye. The cloth part is brushed with a concentration of 5% soap warm water, brush off the dirty parts, and then dry with a clean rag. Slight scratches on the table and chair can also be easily removed with a wooden repair solution.

Maintenance of plastic dining chairs?

Stained by oil stains, it can be washed with washing powder, but it is not suitable to use alkaline soap and solvent to prevent the plastic plastics from being destroyed, causing the plastic to become hard and brittle; or to swell some plastics and damage the products.

It is not advisable to use hot water to wash it to avoid deformation. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis, alcohol, gasoline and other substances during use to avoid chemical changes.

Family dining chairs cleaning?

The dining chair is easily contaminated with soot, and the user should diligently wipe it to reduce the adhesion of dust for easy cleaning in the future.

In order to avoid the oil stain is difficult to remove, you can use the seat cover to protect your love chair. When you accidentally get dirty, just remove the seat cover and clean it, which is convenient and easy, and does not hurt the dining chair.

Use less water when cleaning, regularly wipe with a cloth dampened with mild detergent, then wipe and dry with a clean soft cloth.

When cleaning the chair, you can use the powder brush to brush out the dirty things in the slit and then vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for quality of life are becoming more and more strict. For our daily use, we also put forward higher requirements. One of the most popular is the solid wood dining table chair.

Bekayiyi dining chair;
This solid wood dining table chair rendering is a style. The picture is a little fresh and warm, and there is a British elegance. The special back is very close to life. Beautiful floral, elegant white lacquer, the whole style is beautiful.

Maintenance of wooden dining chairs and plastic dining chairs? These are great!

New dining chair;
This dining chair renderings are decorated with romantic and elegant purple and white, combined with elegant grey to give a warm feeling. The metal is framed and durable.

Leisurely garden 5 piece set;
This solid wood dining table chair gives a feeling of refreshing and refreshing. It uses high-grade imported birch as the foot of the table, which is sturdy and durable, and the whole design is simple and clear.

Pueblo armrest;
The effect of this dining chair restores the color of natural wood in the color, the natural elegance, the delicate pattern on the dining table and dining chair, and the comfortable material of the backrest, which instantly enhances the quality and luxury of the product.

Fashion is more beautiful;
The dining chair in the solid wood dining table chair has a rigorous frame structure and high-grade imported birch as a frame to make the dining table chair strong and durable. The details are handled with great care, fine carving and seamless integration. Everything is perfect!We must learn how to furniture matching, in order to buy it better.