How to choose a baby dining chair? You can try these few!

How to choose a baby dining chair? You can try these few!

For more than five months, my son has to start adding complementary food, but the preparation work is going to be done. In order to give him a safe and easy to use child dining chairs, how much time does it take, are you like me? I also consulted a friend, but also my own on-the-spot investigation. Now I will share the summary of the children’s dining chairs strategy and cost-effectiveness that I have summarized.

How to choose a baby dining chair? You can try these few!

How to choose a baby dining chairs? You can try these few!
First of all, many people (especially the elders) will feel that there is no need to buy a children’s dining chairs. The two children of the Xunzi family don’t have to buy a dining chairs. Now, when they are more than 5 years old, they still need adults to chase after feeding, not on the stool. Standing, if you eat outside, it will greatly affect other people’s meals.

The little baby is like a piece of white paper. How do you cultivate him? What kind of habits he will develop. When I used the dining chairs from an early age, I would like to train my child to sit in the dining chairs and know that I have to eat. When I get the meal, I should finish it in the dining chairs. After I finish eating, I can leave the dining chairs to play.
The baby will sit between the ages of six months and one year old. It is the best time to train him to eat at the same table with his parents and elders. If you come to the age of one, you will have the habit of sitting in a place to eat. Because at that time, on the one hand, the baby’s physical needs were reduced. On the one hand, his interest became more and more extensive, and he did not concentrate most of his interest on eating, so don’t miss this opportunity.
Therefore, unless the family economic situation is very bad, the dining chairs should still be bought, can not afford new, second-hand tens of dollars can also be found. The money to buy a piece of clothing is coming. How to choose a baby dining chairs? You can try these few!


This dining chairs is an IKEA children’s dining chair, which is commonly used in many restaurants and hotels. IKEA dining chairs and plates are sold separately. The dining chair 79, the dinner plate 20, and the backrest single purchase seem to be 19 yuan. I didn’t buy the backrest because of the summer. (The son is using this one now)
Advantages: cheap, ordinary families can also buy; high environmental protection factor, this children’s dining chair is made of food-grade plastic; small, provincial, and easy to clean, wipe it, it is too convenient.
Disadvantages: equipped with a three-point seat belt, not a five-point seat belt, you need to wait for the baby to sit more stable before you can use it, otherwise the body will lean forward; there is no pedal. The space is limited, and the baby may not be able to sit down if it is too big. Can’t adjust height, can’t fold, no pedals.

  1. Fisher

American brand, produced in China. Fisher has two models, an expensive battery needs to be installed, you can have an automatic cradle function.

Advantages: 3 point and 5 point seat belts, beautiful appearance.
Disadvantages: 4-5KG weight, inner width is also a bit small. Made of plastic, there is no special description of whether materials can be used.

3, Peg Perego (Italian brand, adhere to the original factory assembly)

Advantages: Multi-function adjustment, dark wheel design, and one-button folding. Food grade material, no bisphenol A, can be assured of biting. 5-point seat belt, adjustable seat belt, formaldehyde-free leather seat cushion (for easy soiling)

Disadvantages: The floor space is relatively large, with a separate area of ​​77cm. The width of the seat is a little narrow, only 23.5cm, (such as our son’s thigh thick baby is not suitable), there is more expensive, ordinary ordinary will be thousands of dollars, the advanced version is about 3,000 yuan It is.

4, aing

As long as the parents who are slightly concerned about the dining chairs basically know this brand, the design is quite satisfactory.
Advantages: foldable, adjustable dining chairs height; double plate, currently available in Oxford cloth, PVC and PU seat covers, except for Oxford cloth are more convenient to take care of.
Disadvantages: large area, the front and rear leg area is 81cm. Some friends also reported that there were burrs under the plate. The height adjustable range is slightly smaller. (But it is estimated that it is an individual phenomenon, because this brand is relatively popular, sales are still very high.) Heavyweight, 10KG or more.

How to choose a baby dining chair? You can try these few!

5, Goodbaby

Good kids’ brands are still very good in China. They still have solid wood, but I don’t see them. I don’t have friends around, so I don’t want to comment within the scope of today’s comments.

Advantages: Compared with the above-mentioned weight, the weight is about 6-8kg, the arc design, the five-point adjustable seat belt, the height of the six-speed adjustment, the backrest three-speed adjustment, the cloth cover is detachable, and the dining chairs can be folded. Assembly is very convenient.

Disadvantages: cloth fabric, especially easy to stain, the minimum file of the third gear adjustment is not applicable, the distance between the two legs is 84cm. The pedals are a bit thin, so if you can stand up, you should pay attention to safety.

6, Japan Farska solid wood baby chair

This is a chair designed and manufactured in Japan. It cannot be said as a dining chair. Because it has many functions, it can be said to be used in an adult chair. It can be used as a small shaker for newborns, a dining chair, and an adult chair.

The used friend said: The solid wood frame is very smooth without burrs and taste. The oxford cloth is very strong. The adults are also properly seated. Even the storage tools have special places, which greatly improves the husband’s ability to do it. Change the shape.

How to choose a baby dining chair? You can try these few! Note on the selection of dining chairs:
Choose a stable, wide base, the chair should not easily fall over; the edge is not sharp, if it is wooden, there is no burr; the depth of the seat is suitable for the baby to use, the baby can sit on the space to move; if the tray and other accessories are plastic For products, non-toxic plastics should be selected, and the hot water will not be deformed after brushing.
Baby dining chairs are generally equipped with safety equipment. When using, be sure to use safety equipment for the baby, including seat belts and sturdy buckles across the baby’s thighs and through the legs. The seat belts should be able to adjust the tightness. When adjusting, you must be strong enough. If the baby chair has wheels, the wheels should be lockable.
Even if your baby is well fixed, you can’t rely entirely on these built-in security measures. When the baby is in the chair, be sure to pay close attention;

The above are the children’s dining chairs that I have summarized. Of course, there are many other brands that are not organized. These can give you something to get!