How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

Exquisite food can always bring us good expectations of life, the wonderful dining process is worth our memories a long time later, with their loved ones and friends to share food is a great happiness, food is not only in the ingredients, but also need to have a suitable table to carry. Since ancient times, China has been very fastidious about eating, and enjoying food is not only to meet the needs of the body, but also a spiritual feast.

How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

The exquisite dining table is pleasing to the delight and will make the food more delicious.
Unsuitable table will play a counter-effect, affecting people’s appetite for dining, so in the selection of the table is also very fastidious, today we will say a bit.

First, the table material selection.

Marble Dining Table

One of the biggest advantages of the marble table is that the value is particularly high, it seems to feel very textured, but the marble table needs to be cleaned in time, if the oil is not cleaned for a long time, will seep into the interior of the marble, so that the stone discoloration.

Transparent Glass dining table

In general, the transparent glass table is composed of a piece of glass paired with solid wood frame and table legs, through the glass plus the wood color frame, natural fresh comfortable and beautiful.

But the glass surface is easy to wear, so in daily use must be careful to treat, if the occurrence of scratches will greatly affect the beauty, and at present there is no way to repair scratches, can only be replaced.

How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

Table with solid wood quality.

Wood itself has a very warm texture, log color table can reflect the master’s taste, all year round will not feel cold, so that the dining space more than a touch of fresh atmosphere.

At present, the common solid wood table, in the factory will be brushed paint or hit wax, the purpose is to protect wood, although so, in daily use, or must pay attention to maintenance, do not put too hot food directly on the wooden table, it is easy to burn wood.

Second, how to judge the comfort of the table?

The table should be long enough

In general, the height of the natural fell of a person’s hands is about 60 cm, but when we eat, this distance is not enough, because we have to take a bowl in one hand, holding chopsticks, so at least 75 cm of space is required.

The table of the average family is 3 to 6 people, generally this table must be at least 120 cm in length, the length of about 150 cm is the best.

Choose a table without watchboards Watchboards is a plank that supports the support between solid wood desktops and table legs, which can make the table stronger, but the downside is that it often affects the actual height of the table and will take up the space of the legs.

So when buying materials, be sure to pay attention to the distance watchboards to the ground, sit down and try it yourself, if watchboards makes your leg activity unnatural, it is recommended that you choose a table without watchboards.

How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

Third, according to the needs of the choice of styles.

Dinner If the family usually have more meals, then the round table is very suitable, because the round table has a round of the meaning.

And the family sitting around the scene warm, solid wood round table is the best choice, wood texture with a warm atmosphere of the family, is a natural match.

Home Office For many small families, it is often necessary to do more than one use of things.

So the table not only carries the function of eating, sometimes also temporarily acts as a desk for the office, in this case, square table is very suitable, it can be placed against the wall, effectively saving small household space.

How do I choose a family table? Three key points selected

Occasional Dinner For the average family, a six-person dining table is enough. But occasionally there will be relatives and friends to visit, when the six-person table is a bit overstretched. If there are relatives and friends to dinner after a long period of time, then I suggest you choose to fold the table, usually fold the use of time, when more people can pull back on it.

But pick when you must pay attention to whether the folding part is smooth, folding connection parts will not affect the overall beauty, these factors are very important.

Frequent dinners If families have regular meals every month or even every week, folding the table is very inappropriate.

It is recommended to choose an elliptical dining table, which is larger in size and carries the largest number of people under the same area, and is ideal for large gatherings.