furniture decoration interior space layout

furniture decoration interior space layout

More and more people in the home decoration will pay attention to the current trend of the home, to create a maximum of fashion furniture decoration design strategy .

furniture decoration interior space layout

Below for you to introduce some fashion home decoration tips.

Simple Simplicity is one of the techniques that deserve to be promoted in interior design, and it is also a popular trend in recent years.

This requires the indoor environment without gorgeous decoration and extra suffix, to adhere to the principle of less and fine, the interior decoration to the slightest degree, to “less is more, simplicity is rich” as the principle.

furniture decoration interior space layout

Harmonious Harmony consists of coordination. It is to serve the functional requirements of the premise, so that a variety of indoor objects in shape, color, light, quality and other combinations to be coordinated, become a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into the environment and modeling harmony, material texture harmony, tone harmony, style harmony and so on.

Harmony enables people to achieve quiet and peaceful satisfaction in sight and psychologically.

Tone Toning is one of the critical factors that make up the design of plastic art. Different colors can cause unusual color feelings in people’s visuals. Such as red, orange, yellow warm feeling is very strong, knew as the warm color system;

In interior design, optional use of various types of shades, many kinds of tones, generally can be summed up as “the same hue, similar tones, adjacent tones, contrast tones” and so on, in use can be used according to different environment.

Unique Many owners are very personal, unique is what they are trying to find. Designers in pursuit of unique, we must break through the original law, new and different, eye-catching. And unique is produced in the lining, is comparable to each other and exists.

In the interior design especially promote the breakthrough imagination, in order to make personality and characteristics.

Contrast Contrast is a common way in home design, this way is the basic stereotypes of art design, it compares two different things, shapes, colors, etc., such as square and circle, new and old, large and small, black and white, deep and light, coarse and fine and so on.

By placing two obviously opposing elements in the same space, it is designed to make them both opposite and harmonious, and both contradictory and unified, in strong contrast to obtain a sharp contrast, to obtain complementary and satisfying effect.

Echo In the interior design, the roof and the ground, tabletop or other parts, the use of echoing methods, body treatment, will play a corresponding role.

Echo belongs to the balanced form of beauty, is a variety of art commonly used techniques, echo also has “corresponding symmetry”, “relative symmetry” said, the general use of image correspondence, false momentum and other means to obtain echo of the artistic effect.

Symmetric Symmetry is the traditional technique of formal beauty, which is the law of formal beauty that mankind first mastered. Symmetry can be utilized in absolute and relative symmetry. Up and down, left and right symmetry, rhizomorph, homogeneity, homogenous symmetry is called absolute symmetry, while in the interior design is used in relative symmetry, symmetry gives people feel the beauty of order, solemnity, neatness is harmony.