Four eye-catching furniture to match your home furniture

Four eye-catching furniture to match your home furniture

Eye-catching furniture:French decorative door

On the wall of the living room, a French door panel was installed, which added a European smell to the room. If you don’t have good old-fashioned furniture at home, you may want to check out the antique furniture store, or the old-fashion store, and you may have escaped to another family’s heirloom.

Four eye-catching furniture to match your home furniture

Master bedroom: The master bedroom is designed with simple lines in the ceiling, with the curtain arrangement at the bedside and the princess-style bedside design, in line with the French style that the owner likes. The bathroom space is designed with a double washbasin, and the silver fox marble is planned with a black wall stone and a symmetrical vocabulary to create a refined and elegant atmosphere.

Eye-catching furniture: Curved high back seat

In order to expand the use area of the room invisibly, it is a common method to place furniture on the bedside. Appropriate addition of furniture in the bedroom can enrich the interior furnishings and be more functional.

Restaurant: The restaurant uses natural light from the patio. With a symmetrical wall, the mirrored material is used with a 边框-shaped border design, the side is matched with a wavy deep wood grain texture, and the tea mirror is used as the TV wall of the restaurant. The opposite mirror wall is represented by painting, which makes the styling wall more correspondingly lining.

The kitchen and dining room are open-plan, isolated from the oil smoke, using the design of the solid wood sliding door, including all the doors are also solid wood, each handle is gold-plated material.

With a perfect dining table and dining chairs, you will feel more comfortable. A gold-plated black dining chairs is suitable for most people who like mystery. The furniture package thus carried out is the finishing touch.

Eye-catching furniture: Organ leg table, home wood chair

The tables and chairs in this restaurant are seamless and look like pre-designed. The wood-grained chair next to the dining table is biased towards European style. Will choose to use this organ table of the organ to match, the focus is on the wave pattern of the legs, and the wooden pattern of the chair back, the darkness of the chair fabric echoes. The result was wonderful. In the restaurant space, the two unconnected furniture were very harmonious with each other.

Four eye-catching furniture to match your home furniture

Want to create a thoroughly rural atmosphere, naturally, the diversity of elements and the number of stools is the beauty of the excitement, so in the kitchen, the Nakajima bar is affixed with retro bricks, makeup on the pallet, extended solid wood lines, making the space natural and lively .

Eye-catching furniture: Antique closet

When the owner bought the antique closet in the kitchen, he did not get the slight bargaining space, but she resolutely moved it back to the house, just because it reached its default performance standard: there are practical functions, color It is elegant and timeless.