Financial Investment News: What is your impression of a custom home?

Financial Investment News: What is your impression of a custom home?

Financial Investment News (Reporter Ji Xuejiao) What is your impression of custom home? Is it to make full use of every inch of space in the home, in line with the living habits of the spatial planning, or with the interior design style of the same home products? In this regard, in the 20th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “China Chengdu Furniture Exhibition”) debuted in the customized smart home industry chain enterprises, gave a different solution.

June 1-4, with the theme of “China Platform and Global Sharing” held this year’s Chengdu Furniture Exhibition in Shao. This exhibition continues the “one exhibition two pavilions” model, and for the first time the opening of the Xibo City outdoor exhibition area, the total exhibition scale of 340,000 m2, more than 3000 exhibitors. Among them, the exhibition scale of The West China International Expo City exhibition area is 240,000 m2, showing the whole industrial chain of finished furniture, and the exhibition scale of the New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Century City is 100,000 m2, which shows the first and first-class custom smart home industry chain in the central and western regions.

 Financial Investment News: What is your impression of a custom home?

Show upgrades : Focus on custom smart home full-yield chain

Obtaining the international utility model patent, can effectively solve the problem of ultra-high ultra-wide plate deformation of the home aluminum wood integrated board, the use of The original Italian imported thick rock plate material to create a rich layer, light luxury fashion home products …
At this year’s Chengdu Furniture Exhibition, the national and Sichuan custom smart home leaders from innovative technology, environmental standards, fashion design, global supply chain, new service models and other dimensions, preemptively define “custom home 4.0.”

“At present, the mainstream population of household consumption concentrated in the 90,00after, post-95 group, set science and technology, aesthetics, personality, design sense and so on in one of the ‘full house custom 4.0’ is becoming their first choice. Chengdu furniture exhibition related to the person in charge said.

In 2016, the exhibition area is 10,000 m2, in 2017, the exhibition area is 70,000 m2, and in 2018 the exhibition area is 100,000 m2… After continuous rapid growth, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition’s custom smart home industry chain display is currently firmly ranked first in the Midwest, the country’s first-class. And this year’s Chengdu custom smart home industry chain new upgrade, in century city new international exhibition center presented the entire industrial chain of custom smart home, focusing on the display of custom home, custom doors and windows, custom support and custom machinery and other four major sectors, the national and Sichuan pai custom home leaders have appeared.

“Since the first custom home pavilion was set up in 2016, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition has been perfecting the custom smart home display plate, after 4 years of continuous upgrading, the display plate from the beginning of customized home products and custom home production equipment simple display, to supporting products, intelligent design software, Integrated production lines and other industry chain sector extension, for the national buyers and distributors to provide more professional and diversified product and service options. Chengdu furniture exhibition related to the person in charge said.

Chengdu Furniture Exhibition custom smart home plate rapid growth, but also to promote the “Chuan pai customization” of the rapid rise. Reporters learned that the current Love home independent research and development “Yiyun” system to take the lead in the realization of “design and production integration” of the entire process of information management, and in Chengdu, Sichuan, Hubei Jingmen set up two major intellectual base; 100-year impression home from the custom home supporting business rapid development into a solid wood whole house customization, molding, door-shifting as one of the “full set” enterprises.

 Financial Investment News: What is your impression of a custom home?

Chengdu furniture exhibition related person in charge pointed out, “Chengdu furniture exhibition for Sichuan pai customization to provide a ‘home’ stage, not only to help enterprises to embark on the ‘fast lane’ of development, but also to promote the ‘Chuan pai custom’ regional brand innovation and upgrading.” “And to Chengdu furniture exhibition “China’s home domestic trade preferred platform” advantages, “Chuan pai customization” has developed into a strong, influential regional brand, Sichuan has also become after Guangdong, China’s custom home industry “lighthouse” region – China’s custom smart home industry to Guangdong, Sichuan as the focus of the “dumb bell” The pattern of patterns is initially apparent.

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