Don’t buy these mahogany furniture!

Don't buy these mahogany furniture!

As life has become more and more abundant, the public’s preference for home style is constantly changing, from copying western or luxurious or minimalist styles, to now a considerable number of people have returned to traditional Chinese style, we have witnessed the enduring vitality of mahogany furniture and great charm. But the price of mahogany furniture chaos, product quality is uneven, so that many consumers can not start. Today and everyone from the price of mahogany furniture, tell you which mahogany furniture can not be purchased?

Don't buy these mahogany furniture!

Integrity wins the world.

The first category, mahogany furniture prices are low, must not be greedy cheap.

Every industry must have a reasonable profit before the normal maintenance of operations, no reason for the cheap, a penny of the price of a penny is particularly suitable for the mahogany furniture industry. The price of mahogany furniture mainly includes the price of raw materials, labor costs and profits, of which the price of raw materials basically dominates the price of furniture. Now the reason why there are merchants will be low-cost sales, Lao Liang think that low-cost win the mahogany furniture market disease, is to meet some pathological demand, both good style, but also super cheap, and ultimately led to mahogany furniture material fraud, rough process products emerge endlessly, so that the not-complex mahogany furniture industry chaos, so that a small part of the water can fish.

Common low-cost mahogany furniture these characteristics: white leather, rough machine carving, simplify the structure of the crucinformation, grinding is not fine … Not only will it affect the health of your family, but it will also make guests feel uncomfortable. If it’s these things, do you dare to buy them?

Don't buy these mahogany furniture!

Another class, mahogany furniture high price is not recommended to buy.

As a kind of special household goods, mahogany furniture is premised on practicality and aesthetics, and chinese aesthetics can meet the needs of the public. As a kind of classical aesthetic furniture, mahogany furniture has long been based on custom production, since ancient times, only the classic instrument-type heritage, the craftsman or brand is rarely known. However, in the modern business model, with the brand or master design name “hold” of mahogany furniture everywhere flowering, ultra-high prices, so that many consumers are discouraged. Today, China as the world’s largest part-time products, manufacturing capacity is unprecedentedly strong, even brand mahogany furniture to find its factory contract is a common phenomenon.So, is such a high premium worth buying?

Encounter these two types of not “reliable” mahogany furniture, the best respect far away, so that those high-quality and low-cost mahogany furniture products return to the mass furniture consumer market.