Chengdu Home Expo, China

Chengdu Home Expo, China

Cross-border integration: multi-industry upgrading exhibition IP

Real estate, creative, design, homestays, music, tourism… The Chengdu Furniture Show, which is entering its 20th anniversary, is also producing new changes. Reporters learned that the current Chengdu Furniture Exhibition and Chengdu International Home Design Week to cross-border multi-industry, promote the integration of development as a new development proposition, focusing on the design cooperation, unbounded retail layout, chao brand home “first store”, home stay operation and other cross-border integration results.

Chengdu Home Expo, China

In The West Bo City exhibition area of the central corridor of the large “V” design theme exhibition, by the whole friend home, imperial standard home, Prince home, nine-day smart home, Gaoyu home, good scenery home, two hall era, Bella home, Lejia home and other 9 well-known furniture brands in the name of “big V”, assembled well-known interior designers, space designers, product designers,
Architectural designers, to create a life aesthetic gallery, refreshing.

On June 1st, 10 domestic and international guests from China, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea and other countries from different industries will be artists’ attempts, photographers’ perspectives, designers’ aesthetics, Entrepreneurs’ thinking and other perspectives, limited to 400 seconds, with “20 pictures x 20 seconds” mode of “fast speech” mode, shared their creative ideas, works and stories, to start a discussion on urban culture and lifestyle.

Reporters learned that during the exhibition, Chengdu International Home Design Week, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition, Chengdu Retailers Association, Pecha Kucha signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will be held in Chengdu’s major business circles Pecha Kucha creative sharing activities, so that more people in Chengdu to harvest more interesting ideas and stories.

In the cross-border at the same time, Chengdu furniture exhibition also strengthen the city “sharing.” With the theme of “Twin Cities”, the home culture exhibition combines original design with the culture of Yanao. By the Macao Designers Association, Macao Life and Culture Association, Xu Yuyuan Museum of Modern Art, Sanskrit Creative Arts District and other design industry associations and creative furniture brands in Macao, the exhibition is full of eyes, attracting the attention of visitors.

In fact, the chengdu furniture exhibition and Macao cooperation prospects will be more broad. According to the Macao Living and Cultural Association, the future will expand exchanges and cooperation with Chengdu Furniture Exhibition, and jointly promote the two cities to share the advantages of resources, to carry out a broader scope and deeper level of urban cooperation.

Chengdu Home Expo, China

At the same time, the exhibition, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee and the Hong Kong Furniture Association signed a cooperation agreement, in 2020, a collection of Hong Kong designers, Hong Kong custom home brand, Hong Kong furniture manufacturing enterprises in one of the Hong Kong Life Pavilion will be located in Chengdu Furniture Exhibition. In addition, Chengdu Furniture Show signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong Design Association on June 1 to open a new design cooperation. “Chengdu and Hong Kong in the home industry cooperation, will be ‘design , industry , market and resources’ of the whole chain of deep cooperation, a deeper degree, a wider level. “

Expand the market: Sichuan pai furniture industry chain “out of the circle” layout

This year’s Chengdu Furniture Show, more set fashion, science and technology sense and trend of fan’s home products debut, in order to enhance the quality of urban life to contribute. And after 20 years of development, Chengdu Furniture Exhibition created the “exhibition and industry” mutual promotion of development model, to promote the development of Chengdu furniture industry, Chengdu has also become one of China’s four major furniture production base, one of the furniture trade capital, China’s largest plate furniture and soft furniture production base, “Chengdu made good furniture” It has also become a regional brand in China’s furniture industry. Today, more Chengdu furniture enterprises have broken the regional boundaries of development, have laid out “enclaves” to Chengdu as a research and development center, manufacturing base to expand the home industry pattern is gradually forming.

Reporters learned that the table, dining chairs, desk chairs and sofa design is well integrated into the modern simple and fashion style, it as a “Chengdu-made – good furniture” leader, southern home in Sichuan Pengshan, Hubei Luotian, Henan Qingfeng has three manufacturing bases, can be targeted at the western, central and eastern China market demand rapid response New Yue de custom home will focus on the vocational education of smart home, with germany Rosenheim University, Sichuan Agricultural University and other domestic and foreign institutions to enter into cooperation to cultivate and transport more home design talent.

“There are also many Chengdu furniture enterprises not only in the domestic expansion of enclaves, but also the research and development center to the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, the use of international high-quality design and research and development resources, and effectively promote the Chengdu furniture industry upgrade.” Chengdu Furniture Exhibition project leader said, “At present, more and more furniture enterprises began to dabble in real estate, home furnishings, jewelry, cross-border thinking layout more industries, to achieve the large-scale home industry ‘out of the circle’ development.”

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