Add a “safety lock” to the sale of children’s Furniture

Add a "safety lock" to the sale of children's Furniture

With the rapid development of online shopping, it has become very common to buy furniture and other items from the e-commerce platform. Variety of styles, low prices, convenient delivery services …

Add a "safety lock" to the sale of children's Furniture

In recent years, online sales of children’s furniture because of cost-effective, by more and more parents of all ages. However, a recent test has left many people worried about this type of product. According to the Beijing Consumer Rights Protection Association on the online sale of children learning tables and chairs and other children’s furniture products for safety project testing, 20 sets of children’s tables and chairs, there are 13 learning tables, 8 learning chairs do not meet the national standards, the overall non-compliance rate of samples up to 52.5%, 20 baby bed samples, 16 products do not meet the standards, The non-compliance rate is as high as 80%. In particular, it is worth noting that many network sales ranked top of the children’s furniture well-known brands in the list. The quality of children’s furniture sold on the net is uneven, which poses a potential risk hazard to the users.

How to let consumers buy at ease, use peace of mind, it is urgent to arouse attention. Taking into account the physical and mental characteristics of children, children’s furniture in the structural design, stability, environmental index and other aspects, should meet the more stringent requirements. In fact, as a mandatory national standard, “Children’s furniture general technical conditions” specifically for children’s furniture quality standards and safety requirements made detailed provisions, applicable to all markets and sales channels. But in reality, the online sale of children’s furniture in materials, sizes, accessories and other aspects, especially in product quality, is often different from the physical store sales of children’s furniture. Business is not credible, online sale of children’s furniture can seek price advantage, but must not be for the maximization of benefits at the expense of product quality, buried safety hazards.

For manufacturers, adhere to the bottom line of law and integrity, strict implementation of production testing and purchase inspection system in accordance with the law, from the source to ensure the quality of children’s furniture, in order to win the trust of consumers. Let parents rest assured, also can not be separated from the responsibility of e-commerce platform. In the online purchase transaction, because can not see the specific kind, the consumer may reference mainly is the commodity picture, the sales volume and the appraisal. Some e-commerce platforms lack of perfect commodity quality review and consumer reporting mechanism, to illegal merchants in the platform to put low-quality products to provide an opportunity, resulting in pictures and physical discrepancies, brush the phenomenon of serious speculation, return and exchange channels are not smooth and so on. On January 1 This year, the electronic commerce law of the People’s Republic of China was implemented, which made a series of requirements for the business activities of selling goods or providing services to information networks such as the Internet. E-commerce platform should fully fulfill the supervision responsibility of children’s furniture shop, the quality and evaluation of online products carefully check, strict control of “inferior” or brush a single fry letter and other acts.

Add a "safety lock" to the sale of children's Furniture

At the same time, e-commerce platform should also improve the reporting mechanism, open channels for the protection of rights, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It should be noted that some illegal businesses are desperate, in the final analysis, the cost of breaking the law is relatively low. The internet is not an extrajudicial place, and child safety is no small matter. Market supervision departments, consumer rights and interests protection organizations and other related institutions, should multi-measures and form a joint effort, not only to urge the e-commerce platform to deal with problems in a timely manner merchants, but also in accordance with laws and regulations, to strengthen the production of unqualified children’s furniture manufacturers and merchants to pursue responsibility, completely cut off unqualified children furniture into the online sales platform channels

Let the wrongdoers who try to make “black heart money” in children have nowhere to hide. Children and adolescents are the flowers of the motherland, should be better cared for. Together to create a good online children’s furniture consumption environment, children can stay away from inferior, unsafe children’s furniture products.