2019 latest Chinese top ten family table brand list

2019 latest Chinese top ten family table brand list

The family dining tables is an indispensable piece of furniture for the restaurant, and it is also used for our meals.What brand is good? Let’s take a look at the 2019 latest Chinese top ten family dining tables brand list.

2019 latest Chinese top ten family dining tables brand list:

2019 latest Chinese top ten family table brand list

1,Qumei Furniture (China’s top ten brand family dining tables , China’s well-known trademark, the top ten brand furniture trusted by Beijing people)

2, the Pearl of the Pocket (China Famous Brand – China Top Ten Brand family dining tables China 500 Most Valuable Brand)

3, Yuexing Furniture (China Famous Brands China Top Ten Brand family dining tables )

4, Huafeng Furniture (the first brand in the furniture industry, China Consumers Association recommended products, China’s top ten brands table)

5, double-leaf furniture (China’s top ten brand table China famous brand China famous brand)

6, red apple furniture (Hong Kong furniture top ten brands China’s top ten brand table 2009 consumer’s favorite green trademark)

7,Dynasty Furniture (International Famous Brands Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture Group China Top Ten Table Brands)

8, Huari Furniture (China famous brand China’s top ten table brand China famous brand)

9,All-you furniture (China’s top ten table brands China famous brand All-Friends Furniture Co., Ltd.

10, Fuzhidao Furniture (China’s Top Ten Table Brands Guangdong Famous Brand Products Top Ten Furniture Brands)

The above is the relevant content of the 2019 latest Chinese top ten table brand list. Let’s take a look at how to choose the table.

The first step in selecting a table: determining the area of the dining area;

Whether it is a special restaurant or a living room or a study room, the first thing to do is to determine the maximum size of the dining space that can be occupied.

If the house is large in size and has a separate restaurant, you can choose a table with a heavy feeling to match the space. If the restaurant is limited in size and the number of people eating is not certain, the number of people on holiday may increase, then you can choose the current market. The most common style of retractable dining table, that is, there is a movable board in the middle, usually in the middle of the table or taken down when not in use, do not buy a king-size family dining tables for only three or four times a year.

A small family with a limited area can make a table for a variety of roles, such as writing desks and mahjong tables for entertainment. In a family without a separate restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table can satisfy all members of the family? Is it convenient to pack it up? Therefore, the collapsible dining table that is more common on the market is more suitable.

The second step of choosing a family dining tables : the family table should match the overall style of the restaurant.

If the room is luxuriously decorated, the table should be selected according to the style, such as the classical style of European style; if the style of the room is simple, you can consider purchasing a simple and generous style of glass countertops. In addition, the old dining table does not have to be lost. In today’s trend of natural style, if you have a solid wood dining table, you can move it into your new home, just put a piece of color and decoration on the tablecloth. Another elegant.

2019 latest Chinese top ten family table brand list

Pick the table the third step: the material of the table

Nowadays people are increasingly promoting environmentally friendly furniture and healthy furniture, so the material of the dining table is very important when purchasing. As far as the material of the table top is concerned, most of it is based on wood, and the warm and thick texture is a good choice for those who want to create a warm and fresh feeling at home.

The wooden dining table can be divided into solid wood and dense boards. The former shows the natural grain and thick essence of the log, adding the natural atmosphere of the home, and doing the processing such as carving, engraving and dyeing; and the dense board is also made of solid wood veneer, which not only retains the natural texture of the solid wood, but also has a smooth surface. However, the table edge can no longer be treated with special effects by other means.

As for other materials, there are still metal, glass, marble or melamine boards, which have a cold, transparent or elegant texture, which can be selected according to their own tastes and needs. But no matter what kind of material is used on the table, the table legs are made of solid wood or steel pipe to have a certain degree of load.

Picking the table fourth step: the shape of the table

The shape of the dining table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. The rectangular dining table is more suitable for larger parties; the round dining table feels more democratic; the irregular tabletop, like a “comma” shape, is more suitable for the two people to use, it looks warm and natural; It has a foldable style and is more flexible than fixed.

The above is all about the 2019 latest Chinese top ten family dining tables brand list, I hope to help everyone.furniture-dee.com